2023 Resilienza Messages

Below is a framework for the positive messages that artists will use in the creation of the Resilienza Project Chalkboard Murals for 2023. These messages reflect the various types of resilience that help to build strong, healthy individuals and communities on all levels. Resilience is not only about finding positive outcomes in the most difficult and trying of situations, but it is ultimately about cultivating a strong foundation of well-being. The categories below represent the various ways in which resilience can be developed and the inspiration behind the messages for 2023.

Physical, Environmental Resilience

  • January – Healthy Eating & Food Production
  • February – Water
  • March – Sleep, Rest & Exercise
  • April – Shelter & Habitat

Social, Community Resilience

  • May – Friends
  • June – Family
  • July – Children & Elders
  • August – Justice & Equality 

Emotional, Mental, Spiritual Resilience

  • September – Positive Self Talk 
  • October – Spiritual Well Being
  • November – Rituals & Practices 
  • December – Messages To Others 
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