Community Model

WhatsApp Community Support Group

COVID-19 has hit Monteverde, Costa Rica, and today we launched a Community  Support Group to network and support one another. We are sharing this model so that others can prepare and utilize in their own communities. The intention of the group is to help to provide direct support to those in need of: Meals, Food Delivery, Transportation, Childcare, Emotional Support and resources in times of crisis.
Our goal is to remain as a cohesive community that works together. Not to ostracise, shame or blame. We are encouraging those with first hand experiences to share these experiences directly via Audio Updates in the WhatsApp group. Firsthand reports allow individuals to claim ownership of their experience and reduce rumors.
Please keep Monteverde in your hearts and prayers. Share our model within your community to work together and support one another.
Special Thanks to: Edda Pacheco and everyone who has helped.
Here is our model:
Please share posts below of new ideas, improvements for helping others.

WhatsApp – Group Creation

  • 5) Add Group Photo

    Easy to Remember & Symbolic

  • 6) Add Group Description

    Your Mission Statement

  • 7) Assign Additional Admin

    Share the Responsiblity

  • 8) Communicate With The Group

    Introduce and State the Rules

Group Rules & Moderation

Community Support Group

1) Sign Up To Help – http://www.Google-Spread- Sheet-Here

The intention of the group is to help to provide direct support to those in need. Meals, Food Delivery, Transportation, Childcare, Council and resources.

Please try to keep posts short, relevant and factual.

All health recommendations should be considered only a recommendation. Please consult health professionals and follow health ministry protocol.

Please DO NOT Post names of individuals who have tested positive with out permission. If they require help invite them to the group to tell their story or ask for support. We must respect privacy for all.

Story Telling & Content Creation

Tell Your Own Story - Audio Posts

Encourage Group Participants to tell their own story in their own voice with Audio Posts. Direct word of mouth information prevents the spread of false narrative and works to support empower connection within your community.

This is Not a Discussion

Keep posts short and sweet. This is not a forum for discussion. Encourage the sharing of pragmatic and actionable information.

Share Value Information

Share as much highly valuable and relevant information as possible. Remember people are busy and you need to make each post meaningful and worthwhile.


Delegate and hand the responsibilities over to the community to manage.

Use - Auto Replies

Use prewritten replies to answer the same question asked multiple times.

Work Smarter - Use Technology

Work Smarter not harder. Use technology tools like google docs and drive to share resources quickly and easily with all.

Sample Communications

Help Needed - Delegation

Buenos días.

Necesitamos 3 maravillosos voluntarios para:

1) Organizador de comidas y entrega de alimentos

2) Moderador del chat de WhatsApp

3) Representante de la Comunidad

Por favor, envíeme un mensaje si puede ayudar.


Good Morning

We need 3 wonderful volunteers for:

1) Organizer for Meals & Food Delivery

2) Moderator for WhatsApp Chat

3) Community Representative

Please direct message me if you can help.