February 2023

February: Physical, Environmental Resilience


The quality and availability of water are critical to the health and function of the planet. Water regulates the earth’s climate and is essential for all life forms. The health of rivers, lakes, bays, and coastal waters depends on the health of the streams and wetlands that feed them. The ocean sustains and nurtures every living organism on this planet.

For humans, access to safe, clean water is an essential human right and a necessity in maintaining physical resilience. Water is necessary for the body to form saliva and mucus, deliver oxygen, regulate body temperature, flush waste, maintain blood pressure, and aid in digestion. It also aids in protecting vital organs and lubricating joints.

Blue Zones have been identified around the world as areas where people live longer lives while maintaining their health. Research has shown that access to clean, good-quality water is one of the key factors contributing to the health and longevity of these populations. In many Blue Zones, people have traditionally consumed water from natural sources such as springs or wells, which are rich in minerals and other beneficial substances. This clean, high-quality water is thought to play a role in promoting good health and well-being and may be one of the reasons for the healthy longevity of people in Blue Zones.

Communities need safe drinking water and properly treated wastewater to be resilient. To become water resilient, communities will need to anticipate and adapt to the increasing effects of extreme weather events on their watersheds and water systems, including heavy or inconsistent rainfall and drought. 

Ensuring a supply of safe, clean water is essential for the health and resilience of people and their communities. Ensuring healthy aquatic ecosystems is essential for the health and resilience of all living organisms worldwide. 

Below are messages for Water:

  • Know Your Water Source
  • Birds love Wetlands
  • Keep Water Clean
  • Refill Water Bottles
  • Water is Sacred
  • Protect Our Water
  • Be Like Water
  • Go With The Flow
  • We Are Water
  • Water Renews
  • Think Downstream
  • Healthy Oceans, Healthy Planet